Nutritional Approach to Headaches (Medical Conditions Series #3)

Source: Nutritional Approach to Headaches (Medical Conditions Series #3)


When you go Paleo, you can never go back. Literary

Okay, so its finally my headaches have improved, so i can write down this post and explain some research/regrets that i can confess which happened for past few days.

I been on Paleo now round about half a year nearly. And there have been three times i had headache since this. Two time were related to cheese eating. And this time. It was related to eating rice. Yes indeed. In fact not eating, but over-eating for past few days.

I am not sure what exactly in my mind did trigger this thought, that i consume too little carbs. And i went all the way, and eat the world. And my headache had hit and still havent went away.

Now i regret this action, and realise, that body has used to normal Paleo eating, overating or indulging on innapropriate foods can cause quite straigh bodily reaction and nature ‘punishes’ for stepping in the wrong direction.

I really never recall having headaches just by eating rice, but then again, in my old life i had headaches now and again, few times a week, never knowing what exactly caused it, always blaming it on stressful life, stressful conditions etc. but never looking right in front of me -in my plate.

Back in the Saddle…

Plant-Based Changes

Greetings after a fun-filled week of celebrations (family birthday, get-together with friends, summer fun). With all of the “fun” over the past week, I ended up being less diligent about my dairy intake (hello pizza, garlic bread and dips!).  A little disappointed that I fell off the wagon (and I honestly don’t feel all that great either – sluggish and blah), but I’m excited to get back in the saddle again as it relates to reducing/eliminating dairy.  As I mentioned in my previous post, moving away from meat products was not an issue.  The dairy has definitely been more challenging.  I spent some time today paging through some of my vegan cookbooks and I’m excited to try some new recipes and spend some quality time in the kitchen.

I’m also planning to explore some additional dairy alternatives for cheese and yogurt.  I’ve been doing the soy and coconut creamer…

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Being Vegan at Work

My Veggie Life

Fellow vegans or vegetarians,

How do you handle being vegan or vegetarian at work when food is provided every week. I’m working on my school’s weekly newscast and today the food that was provided was In & Out Burger. I ate some french fries but didn’t have any burgers. The last meeting we had cookies, that definitely had dairy and eggs in them.

Typically I don’t tell people I’m vegan unless I really know them, like really know them. I am friends with two of the anchors but not with everyone else. And they know I’m vegan but no one else does. It would be easier if I mention it just so it doesn’t look weird that I never eat any of the food. But I’ve had experiences where if I’m not friends with the person, I’m met with comments about my diet. You know the, “oh you’re that person,”…

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