Water and heartrate

Last week i fell ill for about 3 days-first time in about 5 months since i started paleo. But don be too concerned – normally i would fall in autumn/winter time with cold and it would be frequent/common thing.

The thing that surprised me the most was first of course the fact that i got well from really major cold in just about 3 days – it was major just because my bfriend who passed me the bug, got sick before me and is still unwell-cough and such.

There is one other thing that really striked me- the fact how my heartrate went up during my sickenss- i have that funny heartrate app on my phone i use sometimes to track it. At some point it was 80bpm! It never happened to me before, since my normal resting bpm is about 55-62.

Why the heartrate went up since i was resting in bed? WATER WATER WATER!! I just didnt dring enough- to flush out the toxins and to help blood run more smoothly. Just short time after i started consuming extra water/herbal tea, my situation improved- heartrate went down, headache stopped and fewer also improved. That is so strange- how on earth i could have forgotten about this.

I had a bit of a sore thoat of course and i didnt have any apetite, but drinking water shoud have been on top of my list. Maybe my recovery would have been even quicker.

Best wishes my paleo friends and stay well this season!


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