When you go Paleo, you can never go back. Literary

Okay, so its finally my headaches have improved, so i can write down this post and explain some research/regrets that i can confess which happened for past few days.

I been on Paleo now round about half a year nearly. And there have been three times i had headache since this. Two time were related to cheese eating. And this time. It was related to eating rice. Yes indeed. In fact not eating, but over-eating for past few days.

I am not sure what exactly in my mind did trigger this thought, that i consume too little carbs. And i went all the way, and eat the world. And my headache had hit and still havent went away.

Now i regret this action, and realise, that body has used to normal Paleo eating, overating or indulging on innapropriate foods can cause quite straigh bodily reaction and nature ‘punishes’ for stepping in the wrong direction.

I really never recall having headaches just by eating rice, but then again, in my old life i had headaches now and again, few times a week, never knowing what exactly caused it, always blaming it on stressful life, stressful conditions etc. but never looking right in front of me -in my plate.


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