Garden for paleo person

How important it is for paleo person, vegan etc, to have their own garden? I could argue that everybody should have some little bit of green growing in their life, even if it is small pot of parsley on windowsill.

It is funny how much i become to enjoy my small but versatile garden. How interesting is to look after plants and to have some small harvest, it is bit of a challenge as always when starting something new, but i think we need to see where stuff we eat comes from (and how this stuff tastes from our own garden instead)

I think cucumber is the best! I mean, they taste so much better, sweeter and nicer than the ones from shops. I never knew cucumber can be so sweet. Ofcourse we dont do any chemicals or anything in our small garden, so i would assume, thouse comming from elswhere are somehow ‘differen’ (in a bad way)


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