Chocolate at home

First time yesterday i made some chocolate out of cocoa bean mush from bio cocoa beans, and i think for this first try it was pretty okay.

Cannot say that i used any specific recepie ( i am more person of do-first-think-later), so i was thinking to draw some conclusions.

  1. you can actually make great chocolate candies with no dairy and no added sugar -yey!
  2. thouse chocolates i made are i think the most healthiest ones i eat in my entire life
  3. if want sweeter taste, put less cocoa and more milled nuts or dried fruit

My chocolate candies came out more on the bitter side, i guess i will have to experiment. What i did, basically in a pot boiled some water, put there small bowl with cocoa that was in solid state and melted it. Added some coconut oil and coconut manna (for sake of sweetness, but i suppose manna i could have added bit more and coconut oil bit less since its bit warm where i am at the moment so coconut oil makes candies melt).

Then i decided to add some milled blanched almond (althou i cannot taste it at all in the candy althou i added them quite a bit, not sure why), some milled figs and that’s it!

Then with spoon i scooped out from bowl and put on aluminium foil small tablespoonfulls of mix and let it thicken overnight (but i did mention about coconut oil, so they didnt go all the way thick)

So what to learn for next time-

  1. dried fruit is your friend
  2. try to experiment with other nuts
  3. chocolate is good!!

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