Okay, so basically not that i am fan of dentists per se, but i want to share my dentist experience and some changes that i made that had improved my teeth health.

Yesterday i got my tooth implan finally put in place and now i feel as if something that dont belong there is placed in my mouth where tooth should be. But i hope this will go away.

In fact last time i visited dentist, i had no cavities, first time in 15 or so years! Its amazing. Part of course it is going paleo, and quitting added suggar, part there is something else i want to share with you.

Fact that i had to loose my tooth, and replace it with implant, was really sad for me, but it is kind of good lesson, to take better care of my ‘natural’ remaining teeth in the future.

What i do for some 6 months or so now, is oil swishing for 10-20mins in morning with olive oil, which really improved my teeth health. I didnt really believed that just plain oil swishing can do that (ofcourse i do brush my teeth after that as well), but my teeth has became better and it is proven now (by my bit dissapointed dentist, but i guess we cannot make everybody happy, can we)

Best wishes!


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