Eggshells, take 2

Okay, so I wrote about the good benefits of eggshells and that i tried to put them in smoothie (but it was wrong way)

So these past few days, i been gathering, cleaning and drying eggshells, and last night milled them (my usual blender althou have milling blade included in set, dont seem to be designed for such dense products)

Came out like powdery thing, with some tiney flakes that didnt wanted to mill properly (even if i tried the coffee bean milling machine afterwards)

So i have yet to try this ‘super powder’, but it seems that for smoothie it will be okay. Its just right after i did milled the eggshells, when opening the lid, there was some smell that resembled smell you get at the dentis office. Yikes! But oh well, i guess teeth contains calcium and minerals as well as eggshells do.


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