Coconut bread, take 2

Okay, so i made my second loaf of coconut bread yesterday (really didnt work out as super high slices, rather loaf was low, because i had lack of free range eggs -had just 3 and had bit bigger pan than suggested)

So, i put soda and vingar in and must admit it was more fluffy. And since i like to experiment- put some milled pumpkin seeds and bit of milled almond. It was bit more like our rye bread (lacked the sweetness, which i like)

Bread came out more fluffy, and i like it better than my first loaf for sure.

My plan for future, is to measure soda, i think i overdid it and put too much (i can feel the soda now when i eat the bread). And ofcourse for larger loaf i would need to get like 5-6 eggs instead of 3 i used yesterday, then most likely i would get to have a ‘proper’ bread, that would not only taste good, but be more like actual bread (at the moment im enjoying what could be more resembled as bread sticks, rather than slices)


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