Raw vegan goods

Okay, i am not like vegan, vegetarian or something along thouse lines. But in all fairness, need to say, that sometimes i find products that i can eat, in vegan section (not always, still have to check for sugars, grains etc)

But i found one amazing shop/food company that makes locally raw vegan products. So i am thinking that why make raw kale chips for example for endless hours less than 50degress temperature, when i can just go get them.

I was under impression all this time that food companies are somehow against me, but -here we go, there are some snacks -like ginger-ingver cookies (no grains, no sugar, no dairy), plus they are raw vegan compatible also! its just so amazing!

Ofcourse-i will continue trying new recepies at home and will cook diners for work. But its somehow heartwarming thought, to know that out there, is a shop designed specifically for my needs, with healthy (althou pricey of course) foods i can buy on the go, or there is even cafe (did i mention), so i could go there with friends even.

So its all good, greenies, keep on being super healthy!


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