Cheesy headaches

Okay, i been bad last night-went out and had salad, and there was some spoonful of grated cheese on it. Oh well, there my problems started. I was thinking-one spoonful of cheese couldnt do much damage, since i didnt use any other dairy for 3 weeks and felt amazing- with paleo all my ‘normal’ digestive issues went.

So i opt for not tossing away thouse tiney bits of cheese for sake of not embarassing my friend at the table in restaurant. Oh, how big of a mistake that was!! I just coulnt imagine tiney ity bitey of cheese could do this to me, no really, seariously!

First symptoms came in about 20-30mins with massive bloating of my belly. When i mean massive- i looked like 4 months pregnant. Not to mention, i didnt have any bloating for 3 weeks so that was super unpleasant experience althou back in the days i believe it was kind of ‘normal’. Then my ‘cheese headache’ started.

Why i know it was cheese headache? Well, first, i didnt have headaches since last time i eat cheese 3 weeks ago, second this headache was ponding in a very specific place, exactly same spot it was last time. I was very glad i didnt eat much of cheese, because i believe then my headache would have been worse.

I understand that for other people symptoms might be different, so i wanted to document how it was for me. So, back to headaches – even now when i am writing this, i feel slight tension in the spot where the headache hit last night, so i guess, cheese is a super no-no for me.

What really surprises me, is not the fact that cheese causes me symptoms and headaches, no, what really surprises me how its ‘well hidden’ in a sense ‘people dont say cheese is bad’. Dairy should be good for you right?! You eat calcium and all lots of things, right? I think we have been sold one of the biggest bull over here in history.

Cheese, sorry, i don crave you no more, and you are our of the door for sure! In the future, i will be more decisive to what i order, and will question staff to all ingredients, since i assumed all was written out, but it wasnt.


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