Paleo and mental stability

I belive i been writing about mental things before, when i was starting my journey with quitting added sugar. But this one is kind of another story so to say.

It is more of a ‘giving it all out’ rather than ‘keeping it together’. Keeping it together was problem for me, since i was keeping it in, but not for too long. Quitting sugar has helped me with that. Now with paleo, i am able to ‘give it all out’ in a normal manner. Why i need to give it all out, meaning my emotions and feelings? Simply with paleo there is so much energy in me, it is unbelievable, and so interaction with others is kind of way to give my energy away.

I guess that’s we as humans supposed to be doing right? Paleo has taught me to start noticing not only ‘inner gut health’, but also ‘inner mental health’, since i always was about ‘apperance’ and ‘how it would look like’


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