Healthy skin with Paleo

I have wanted to do this post for some time, but i was concerned to sound bit funny. So finally, i cannot keep quiet anymore- here it goes. My skin is super soft on paleo and i havent been on it for more than 2-3 weeks. It was getting better when i gave up sugar and grains, but maaan, now it is super healthy! I am now thinking what will happen if i be on paleo for longer!

Not that i am into cosmetics, but i love my scrubs you know-sugar, salt, spa treatments, you name it. I used to have my ritual at home, for once a week to scrub and clean, so it looks fresh and smooth. But i never had so good and smooth skin as i do now. Ofcourse i get odd spot or something here and there, but my skin is nothing compared to what it used to be.

Not that i am giving up my massages or some other treatments at spa ofcourse, there are some essentials to keep to, but paleo has been so good for my skin as no treatment or beauty product has been so far.


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