Coconut pancakes

Okay, finally I also got the coconut flour. Yes, didnt make it myself as yet (althou there was some try weeks or so ago, but i guess i didnt dry the coconut, and i got not-so-tasty mush as a result).

So coconut pancakes. I made it as i normally make pankakes, but with almond milk, free range eggs and coconut and tapioca flour (once i made just with tapioca flour, but pancakes went out tasting more on salty side rather than on sweet)

Okay, so what really surprised me was the structure, since taste wise i knew what i was into- coconut flavour. Structure was interesting, no like for a normal pancake i am used to. Rather than it was more of one of a sponge cake of a thin layer. At leas that is what my hosehold told me after trying these. Also they said- never would realised that is not a ‘real’ pancake. Yes, thanks, i would take it as a compliment.

Next try i am planning would be something like muffin or small-bread (small bread, since i am not sure what will come out at the end and if it will be eatible at all)


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