All you can eat breakfast

When it comes to all you can eat buffet at restaurant, to be honest i was scared. Ofcourse, i could have prepared myself food in advance, but i guess i was too lazy.

So, what was there to choose  and what was there not to choose. I suppose pretty safe shot is fresh veggies and fruit. They were pretty decent there, so i got myself good helping of thouse. No salad dressings ofcourse.

When it comes to meat and omelette. Trouble is, the meat that was available was sausages and i suspected omeletee would have traditionaly milk in it, so i had to opt out for thouse. Sausages- simply because they normally add sugar and dairy in them, yes, yes, surprisingy for me too.

And, there was good variety of fresh seeds and nuts as well, i got few tablespoons there, mainly as snack.

I was okay, maybe not having paleo breakfast of my life, but i was pretty proud of myself and my knowledge.


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