Ugly truth about the dairy


Some information i found recently is here:

Essentially- milk and dairy is bad for you.

In fact, i didnt realised this fully up untill yesterday. Problem was -we had midsummer festival and the key of this is cheese and beer. Beer, no thanks, i dont want extra sugar in my system. But cheese? yes please?

Since i dont eat any more non-paleo product except dairy and have excluded milk, i thought it cannot be all that bad, my diet that is. So, i chucked on few good pieces of cheese, various flavours, and soon the symptoms began. I guess i used to had thouse symptoms before, ofcourse i did, but i never realised the connection. And since my system been clearing off sugar and wheat, especially i noticed great improvement when went off wheat, the eczema is gone nearly and my weight loss is more steady now. But i still kept onto dairy, since i wasnt convinced that dairy ‘is that really bad for you’. Plus i had that info from that convincing GAPS diet lady, that suggestd, that ‘oh kefir is good for you, you should eat dairy, just exclude milk’. Yes sure, right!

So back to my symptoms as for yesterday. First i had headache, some hour after i eat cheese. Really bad headache, not nice, since was my first few days on job that day, so i cannot be really sitting and rubbing my head, since i try not to use any painkillers, untill its unbearably necessary. So i was sitting there for good 10mins, trying to get my head ok again. But that was not it, after some more time, i had super bad indigestion, like really bad, it started burning my throat to the point of caughing. That felt really uncomfortable, and in fact, it didnt stop untill the very late evening.

What is the message of all this? I think i didnt know the truth. I didnt know that even i was not true sugar or wheat addict and thouse things dropping from my diet was pretty easy to say the least, dairy is my real challenge, especially the cheese. Yes, i think im more of a cheese addict that i could imagine. And now that i remember, i really used to have previously really bad milk/cheese you name it dairy product cravings. Not for bread, not for sugar, no, i could skip thouse, not a problem. Dairy, well, not so much. Plus, nobody, no dietician or anyone, really spread the message to me that dairy is addictive and should be avoided.

Dairy was all part of my life, like forever. Dairy is told to be good right? I was always under this assumption, like ‘dont touch my dairy, i know what im doing’ type of way. What are the good news then? I think on this one i would sure have withdraw symptoms. Im 100% positive about this, like yes, 100%. Since i had them before earlier and i thought at that time, it was not withdraw, it what my body knows what he needs, right? Its not about the issue of replacement. Since i could replace wheat ok and never craved for it. I can replace dairy with vegan substitute. No, its not the real problem. I would never in a million year call myself a milk addict, i was thinking it just cannot be true. I was thinking that paleo diet got it all wrong about milk. Now i find more and more compelling evidence that it is not true.


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