Top 7 Non-Dairy Sources of Calcium

Osinga Nutrition | Registered Dietitian in the Durham Region

“If you don’t eat dairy, aren’t you missing out on calcium?”

This is a question you have likely heard before, if you avoid dairy. More and more people are choosing to eliminate dairy for various reasons – whether it be switching to a plant-based diet, having an intolerance to lactose, etc. It is a personal choice to eliminate dairy – I am neither yay or nay as there is evidence for and against eliminating dairy from one’s diet. If dairy is eliminated from one’s diet, it is definitely possible to obtain enough calcium from plant sources – without supplements! I’m here to inform you of the best ways to get calcium in a dairy free diet.

How Much Calcium Do You Need?

While it’s essential to get enough calcium in your daily diet, it’s also important not to get too much. An excessive intake of calcium can lead to kidney stones, other kidney problems and potentially heart issues. See the…

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