Some ideas on hunting perfect coconuts


So as a cave-woman i am now recently been hunting some good and quality coconuts for my smoothies and other recepies and have found it rather difficult. I guess its related to the fact that in past 20 years in my life i never bought a single coconut and also there is the fact that where i live the coconuts just dont grow, so i have to now figure out some tricks on how to get the perfect coconut with juce and pulp to be fresh and tasty.

So far i made few wrong moves and got completely rotten coconuts inside, which ofcourse was waste of money. And of course there is the problem, that basicaly visually its pretty hard to tell if the coconut is okay or not. At the moment i just dont want to opt for preprocessed foods like coconut flour mix or so, since i should be perfectly okay to prepare them at home with my milling machine

Two ideas:

  • if shaken, there should be coconut milk heared inside, once i got one that had its milk gone already, it was so rotten. its not necessarily 100% tip, but now i will look for that milk lapping
  • also – the coconut should be light in shade, if you have choice to compare, there is better to opt for the ligher shade, since it cannot be known where this coconut is stored and for how long, so the lighter the shade, the better

Any more ideas?


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