My tasty broth


Okay, there has been this information around the paleo/GAPS that there is basically this great thing for your gut and overall heath and its broth from animal bones of various kinds.

So my chicken broth recepie is as follows:

  1. 1/2kg chicken (bones+meat)
  2. 1.5l water
  3. carrot, onion (whole), pepper (whole, few grains), bay leaf

Best thing to do is first round pour water out-meaning, just put the chicken and water, get it to boil and then pour the water out. That way we get the bad stuff out of meat. For second round pour water, get it to boil and then put other ingredients in. It took me approx 40mins to get the chicken broth. I know that some boil the broth for few hours.

Today i am trying to prepare broth from pork meat and bones. I am planning to use similar recepie as before and poured the first round of water out of the broth. But this time i am opting for about 3-4 hours of boiling, so it probably be pretty late when i will be done with it.


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