I love fish today!

Simple Pan-Fried Salmon 2

Strange thing is, that before going Paleo/GAPS (its not full Paleo, since i eat dairy, with exception of milk) i didnt crave fish, and i never had urge to eat the fish meat or anything related to water creatures in this respective.

Today was all another kind of story. I was really craving for salmon, got really huge piece, fried it with some peper, and it was so amazing, didnt wanted anything else with it. Ofcourse i love thouse various recepies, but i guess im kinda of a person that likes things simple. After all, how complicated could the recepies of that of a caveman diet be

So, back to the fish. One thought that came into my mind that body craves what it needs. The smarter the gut i suppose, the smarter the choices of the brain become hopefully. And the second thought, keeping things when cooking at least now, really helps for me. And ofcourse, trusting the gut feeling about food.


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