Paleo- And so it Begins

a margin of grace

So, I’m like, what— 8 hours in?
The whining… complaining… arguing… tears have begun.

It’s my own fault— for a number of reasons.

I’ve been feeding my kids crap their whole lives.
Wait though. It’s not like we lived on McDonalds and cheese doodles.
We don’t drink soda (well, the kids don’t) and we don’t keep it in the house.
My pantry isn’t stocked with Oreo’s or Twinkies (well, it certainly isn’t NOW.. but it wasn’t before “the great purge” either.)
I’m not *that mom* who thinks gummy snacks are healthy because there’s a picture of fruit on the box and it boasts of “natural fruit flavors”. There aren’t cookies in the cookie jar or ice cream in the freezer.
JD is a type 1 diabetic for pete’s sake– I know ALLLLL about sugar and carbs and what not to eat.

I was a lunch lady at the kids’ school last…

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