Grain free- day three


Allright then, here goes my recent progress.


  • had bunch loads of energy and was boucing off the walls
  • eat some natural yoghurt and made lineseed pancake, wasnt as pretty as expected, but would be ok for first time
  • made chicken broth, yum yum, 40mins approx, 2 chicken pieces 500gr, water 1.5liter, carrot, peper, onion, salt, bay leaf. all good, really nice, never realised i could make such good broth and all by myself.
  • miso soup was okay, may enjoy it now and again


  • very good bowel movements past these few days (to my surprise) since i assumed that no grains meant also that the bowel would be slower
  • bloating is basically gone
  • went off Pill, since read that this is also interferring with gut and other organs in human body
  • realised that i love meat. normally diets for weight loss in general focus on eating less meat, more veggies. okay, i love veggies, but i realised that i love meat more. now im trying to listen to my body and what it is trying to sort of say to me
  • since went off Pill, noticed some discharge, maybe it would take some time for my body to get back in shape after being on Pill for so long. but i believe, since i am CIN1 (cervical cancer screening) for some time, i think my gut healing diet and going off the Pill should help on that

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