Bone Broth: Revisited

Pushing For Paleo

So I had a post about bone broth. Maybe you read it (thanks!) maybe you didn’t (not cool). Either way I figured I needed to follow it up PLUS my grandma asked me where to get bone broth. And you gotta answer your Grandma’s questions! (Hey, Grandma! Love you.) Bone broth is one of those things that seems mythical. It’s like, “Ok, now get some bones and cook them for hours with a few spices. Make sure the bones you’re getting are good, that the animals had good diets. Very good. Now that they’ve been stewing for half of the day you’re finished you can drink it! You’re basically eating the essence of the bones. You can even eat the bones sometimes. Go ahead eat the bone. There are so many benefits to you drinking this, blah blah blah.” It all seems kind of weird. I’m going to make it…

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