Grain free diet- day two


Made some serious digging past few days, and came up with an diet update. So im sugar free for some time now, but it seems that it would benefit my health if i tried to go all grain free completely for some time and check if it made my life any better.

For more info ypi can check up in here: It is about GAPS diet.

My first steps in this direction as of yesterday:

  • eat some buckwheat after watching wheat belly, then realised that it was also about skipping all-grains not only wheat -
  • half hour after eating that buckwheat with butter, still felt hungry as hell, so went for some cottage cheese with lineseed. few mouthfuls, felt okay for few hours
  • went on drinking half or more of bottle of kefir. its fermented milk, kind of yoghurt, but more sour. since it helps to build gut bacteria-
  • was feelin full most of day from all this, then in evening decided to get myself some chicken liver and saurkraut. went down pretty well. cooked all this in butter, it was amazing taste, recommend this
  • also bough the cofee grider to grind some seeds and maybe nuts


  • used the grinder and made some pumpkin seed and kefir mix, was pretty allright
  • went for the chicken liver leftover, yum
  • started munching on some unswetened yoghurt, but didnt feel hungry enough to finish that
  • plan today is to go and try out miso soup, heared that it is also great for gut
  • feel super energised and ready to do stuff
  • eczema inflamation in 3 weeks first day has gone cold, meaning skin is not irritated that much anymore, not sure if that can be counted as this one day GAPS diet or its just progress from before of not eating sugar

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