Tweaking the Diet Again: Potatoes Not Prozac

Midlife Moments

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I’ve been making a serious attempt to get off sugar again. Last year, I was able to reduce my usage of it to a large extent, but I never really cut it out. Gradually, my usage moved up the ladder again to include honey in my tea several times a day, a mocha every now and then and occasional high-sugar sweets. I had a piece of cheesecake in Tulsa as a treat, and I felt so bad afterwards that I couldn’t sleep all night. I decided then and there that I had to get off sugar. It’s impacting the way I feel too much.

So, I’ve been off it pretty much since then, but I wasn’t truly committed until a couple of weeks later. Since then, I have cut them out almost 100%. I did have a little sugar on Sunday of last weekend, but, again, I felt so bad…

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