Refined carbs- good or bad?


Okay, so there has been no added sugar for me in sight for about 3+ weeks now. But i was searching for ways to improve my diet and therefore health even more.

And there has been some things i found about the refined wheat and refined starches, that has made me concerned.

It would be good to cut on for example white bread as it is stated in this article

Bread is still one of the top items for me to eat. So i dont necessarily eat non-refined foods alltogether.

At this point my aim is to gradually swith to veggies and better, healthier and more nutritious carbs than the ones i am using right now.

My breakfast was veggies with omlette and kefir. Eat some strawberries as well. But i dont think its a task of one day, and i dont think it be as easy as quitting added sugar, but i have some motivation and information that it should be done.

Oh, and nice thing to wath is this


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