Ahh…Sugar, You Are My Candy Girl……

Flashes and Lashes

funCandyOkay, so now I’m going to really put myself in a museum.  The title of this post are the lyrics from a song from a group called the……hold on to your hats……The Archies!  Yes, like in the comic strip, but with real people. Okay, look it up on YouTube, there really was a group called The Archies and they had a song called Sugar, Sugar.

Okay, so what does that have to do with my blog.  Well, as I mentioned in my very first Flashes and Lashes post, I am on a journey to renew myself, feel better, younger, smarter, or just simply put… “lose some weight”.  This week I am fully embracing the fact that sugar, as sweet as it is, as euphoric as it makes me feel, we are breaking up. Tears for real.  Sugar is like that boyfriend that makes you feel so good, but is just…

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