Stressful days are here

stressed_2580348k (1)

Okay, here we go. Past few days my stress levels have been skyrocketing and keeps getting more stressful and worse. Ofcourse its matter of stress at work, something I suffered ever so often.

But how about this stress affecting my eating? Since normally i would need something to ‘fix’ me, like cake or a cookie or something. And normally tension headaches would come knocking as a consequence of stress.

Ofcourse without sugar all life is not all of a sudden rosy, but it is way better. My tension headaches are getting lighter and less frequent, i can still focus on things and dont loose my tempter by being rude or started crying for example. Its better that i now can get a grip of my emotions, accept them, but they are not ruining my day as it would normally be.

Also my eczema is pretty much under control, which is great, considering its summer season and it means outbursts become more worse and frequent.

For what can i say, i would be in way worse place right now, with all this stess pouring over me as i speak.

But what regards sticking to plan, its been like 3+ weeks, so im pretty much feeling great and confident about my diet.


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