Stress relief from consuming sugar may lead to sugar addiction

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Food is supposed to be one of the healthier choices we can turn to in times of stress.

Definitely not booze, and not drugs.

Chocolates always seemed to be a good idea. After all, how could something so deliciously decadent be bad for us?

Well, apparently, it is. But it’s not the chocolate. Researchers think it’s the sugar.

The study out of the University of California, Davis suggests the stress relief that comes from eating sugar may lead some people to consume more sweets and develop a sugar addiction that’s hard to break.

The two-week study involved giving 19 women math questions to do in their heads, something guaranteed to trigger stress responses in the brain.

The women then drank three beverages a day sweetened either with real sugar or the sugar substitute aspartame.

Next came magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) brain scans to see what the sugar…

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