Habit of eating

Young hungry gluttonous woman eating pie, isolated on white

Habit of eating or rather the way i eat its now on my mind. And the goal is to beat some bad habbits.

Its actually strange how much i always think of food. Like, what i will eat next, or something like that. Not that im dying of hunger or anything. Plus its not even about the apetite anymore, since cutting sugar has decreased my apetite dramatically.

Its about the habit and breaking the habit.

Like, this morning, i realised my portions are still too big, even if i woulnt need to eat that much at one sitting. Its just the habit, i use this plate, i put it to this place up. Not about the hunger really, its matter of habit. Habit of portions i eat.

So today im eating some 2/3 or 1/2 of meal size i would normally eat. And i still feel full! In fact, no wonder that portions that big has brought me to the 80kgs weight, so my bad habits of eating has to go.

Somehow, it could be some thought that i would still get hungry with smaller portion, since i always did before. But now the smaller portion was enough! I even switched to smaller plate, so the food looked enough on it.


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