Non existing sugar cravings


Since starting this stop-added sugar diet, i was thinking when and how i will fall off the wagon. Partially because I been reading this in other posts from people who try to quit sugar fully or eat it in moderation. And in general, it seems that even if brain are registering, sugar should be eaten less, the body doenst always want to seem to obey this fact.

For me it has been interesting journey. For first few days i was craving my favourite fruite juice badly. Partially because it was bought and sitting at home on the kitchen table, partially it was because i didnt like most of the fruite juices out there, but this was with addition of mango so it made me crave it even more.

But after thouse two days, when i trew out this juice and went asking questions to my brain for best options, didnt seem so hard to carry on.

My biggest fear was last two days, since we had some friends comming over, there was some tempting foods out there and i was bit concerned, maybe i was actually super craving sugar for all this time and will all sugar i can get my hands off.

It didnt happen actually! It was so strange! Normally i would love to eat sweets, but this time, it just didnt happen.

When for example i am shopping these days, occasionally comes this habbit of getting sweets when i see discount, but not that i would want them, rather its a habbit and i realise its not even a craving just what i did usually. So i recognise it and let it go.

So it turns out, the eating sugary stuff at parties made me feel same way as when i am in the shop. Like, okay, i see sweets, before i would take them, but now i just dont need and dont want them.

Realising this behavioural pattern seems to be very important. One thing is to think what you need, other thing is to have some bad behaviour that has to be changed and that is it.


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