Sugar, sweetners and appetite


Sugar, sweetners, apetite and hunger. Thouse have been so tightly related to each other, that I would like to make some points across that are part of my personal findings.

For me sugar increases appetite and thirst. Since im off sugar and sweetners my appetite and thirst has gone down dramatically. I just seem not to want to eat that much! And i seem to know when i am full also!

Ofcourse i have hunger, so my body lets me know he is ready for lunch or breakfast. But i am happy then to eat veggies, meat or dairy. Its not a craving for specific product per se.

I realise, that some people, cannot just ditch sugar all of a sudden. And it is probably not only about the cravings, possibility of sudden urge to binge or so. It could be also related to withdraw symptoms like shaking hands, insomnia or headaches.

If i would not have some personal reasons I would probably also would have gone off sugar gradually. But something in my brain just ‘clicked’ and i understood that if i would take any sugar right now, i would probably be discusted to the point of womit.

How come? It was all happened in my brain, that made this sudden ‘click’. And thouse two reasons were:

  1. Robert Lustig’s lecture on sugar and how it affects liver same way as alcohol does, esentially sugar is toxin, since only liver can process it.
  2. Memories of my grandma’s struggle with diabetes and massive amount of complications it caused.

And for my brain, because sugar addiction is a brain thing anyways, it just ‘clicked’ so badly, that i would probably just cry, scream and run, if somebody offered me cake or juice.


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