Added Sugar

Lean Into Health

What is “added sugar”? A drug, a poison, asugar-still-life harmless food additive, a brilliant deception?

60 Minutes has been one of my favorite television shows for years. I love how they aren’t afraid to get to the heart of potentially charged subjects.   Dr. Sanjay Gupta investigated the issue of sugar in January 2013.  He interviewed Dr. Robert Lustig, a professor  of Pediatrics at UCSF, at length.   Is Sugar Toxic? gets the message across — it likely IS toxic, yet it is quietly added to most of the processed foods on our grocery shelves, ostensibly to increase shelf life. Oh, yes, and making it all taste soooo good!  Don’t be too amazed when Dr. Gupta reveals what happens to his PET scan within seconds when a sugary drink touches his tongue. And try not to be too incensed when the fellow from the sugar conglomerate repeats himself a couple…

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