Sugar is talking


We have saying here if person is drunk and talking rubbish, we say then ‘Alchohol is talking’. Guess what, i found out there is a new condition, and it called ‘Sugar is talking’.

I used to be pushed around and got easily verbally abused by my collegues and my response was not to object or say arguments but be quited. Up to certain point of course, when holding in was not possible and i blew up.

It was pretty repetitive cycle, patter, that i realised existed, but i never could do anything about it. And some people arround like collegues used it against me.

I never new that my behaviour pattern was caused by sugar! And so was the ones that loved to be agressive and abusive.

We normally talk about the visible effects of sugar, but how about the addiction. Since sugar and alchohol is basically the same in metabolisation and chemical contents.

So, not only that without the sugar i have become more collected and calmer and can respond to abusers in logical yet cool manner. I also start to see the pattern of thouse sugar addict abusers and their rant when they are in a sugar-deprived environment for a longer time, for example long meeting.

Its like wathing 4 year old falling on the ground when mom rejects to buy a cookie. Its as if the sugar shuts down the person’s ‘normal’ behaviour ability and turns to animal instincts instead. At least that’s how i see it now.


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