Elderly people- can sugar reduction benefit?


I am not an expert of added sugar free diet by no means, but trust me, i been discussing it with my family a lot, especially my dad, to which I am very close to, and he also had taken this eating habit change on board.

To all honesty, I have personally noticed few changes in his behaviour, and it has happened to the best. My dad is elderly man, but he is still with sharp mind and i like to chat with all the matters and ideas that come up in my mind and seek his opinion dearly.

But what i can say about personal observation, here are changes for past week approximately:

  • He mentioned himself he has better ability to concentrate when reading technical stuff to prepare for lectures
  • He has better sleep by his own words
  • My observation is that he has become more calmer and collected in general
  • He is less nervous about things as he used to be up to now, usually small stuff
  • I have noticed when we have conversation, his mind is less flowing around and he is more focused on discussion

Well, I hope this is some food for thought for you as well. Since it is not really about weight loss, althou my dad has lost small (sugar?) belly.


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