My Grandmother or the bitter sweet sugar story


If i need to talk about my weight loss and in general dieting story and also about my current added sugar free diet, i need to talk also about my grandmother.

Well, in fact she has been long gone, i believe i was 10 when she passed away and she was the best and most caring person i had in my childhood. in fact after she passed away, my childhood in a sense had ended.

But probably you want to know what is connection between her and the sugar story? well, she actually diet from diabetes complications.

At the time, i was thinking, even was devasted, ofcourse old people die, isnt it? its the natural course of action, right. well, now i think this is most likely not true. in fact, if we as a human beings, wouldnt use processed sugar in our diets, maybe we could live like 2x or more longer? and have normal lifes?

nothing in this world makes me so sad still up to this day, that the fact that she is gone. and all was to blame to all honesty i can say was sugar.

i still remember grandad giving her insulin shots every morning and that she could not walk due to amputation. sorry, for giving you such description of her situation, but more upsetting is the fact that nobody new at that time how bad sugar really was, and even now i can see that fructose is recommended to be used for diabetes as a good sugar substitute.

i think or do i live in a mad mad world? has people gone crazy and lost last bits of their mind?

i was just thinking the other day, how many loved ones have died of cancer, heart attacks and diabetes. its just crazy! madness! and the fact that it is so easily preventable, makes it evenso greater madness.


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