Ditchin health magazines for good


I love my women and healthy life style magazines. It’s been my thing since like forever. And I think I’m not alone there.

It just seems with my added-sugar free diet, things are starting to change, and my magazine love starting to fade in front of me.

Its been few times this week of quitting added-sugar since i went to my beloved news stand and bough few usual pieces. But I went more and more upset home reading them.

Its not that weight loss and ilness prevention all of them can be minimized by quitting sugar. Okay, maybe people dont know that yet, fine.

What mostly dissapoints me, is to see the passion and detail the wrong dietary advice is given there. Yesterday i wrote about similar issue(post -Nutritionist-person i can trust?).

But it starts hitting me the super scale of this issue. The passion of recommending the orange juce is just part of it, or for example replacing sugar with syrup when baking chocolate cake (as if it would make it better?)

Ofcourse, I have always loved my girly read, but why oh why they falling off the wagon (WHO has even issued guidelines on added sugar intake, finally this March http://www.who.int/mediacentre/news/releases/2015/sugar-guideline/en/)

So yes, most likely in nearest future you will not find me reading any girly stuff off the newstand. Bit heartbreaking moment, but oh well.


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