Yep, that’s right -my sleep has improved and in fact it had happened right on the very same day i quit sugar.

Potentially it could be because i have heared that for some sugar addicted people it is not all that easy with sleep and withdraw since some have been experienced shivering and sweating during the night even (Check that sugar movie on youtube from 1986, made in USA)

I love my sleep, but my sleep pattern would normally go like this- i would wake up at least once a night to go to the toilet. But it is not only that. Also i would in 70% or more cases found it difficult to fall asleep again. I would normally have some silly depressing thoughts, all sorts of worrysome things were running though my mind at least for about an hour or even two before i manage to make myself (probably due to exausted brain i suppose) to get back to sleep

Never was i truly relaxed and rested when sleeping during workdays. On weekends i was sort of binging on sleep and had really too much of it, when i afterwards felt more or less dizzy and unable to focus rest of the day.

At this point, it is been still less than a week for me in my no-added-sugar journey, but i guess even despite thouse few pieces of fruit i still manage to eat every day, my sleep patter has really never been more steady and i never woken up so rested and relaxed. Also i just dont seem to wake up in the middle of the night.

Oh, and yes, that might sound silly, but before normally first thought when i woke up before was depressing. I never knew why, because in essential i should have been rested and had to be happy for upcomming day. But yea, so far my first unconscious thoughts after waking up, was always depressing.

Ofcourse, i always shook them off, i never let any depressing idea into my conscious mind, but i never stopped worrying me, why on earth my first thoughts of waking up would be like so depressing and i wasnt feeling happy at all


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