Nutritionist- person you can trust?


there is something worrysome to me about the doctors and how they are not following changes in the world, and trust me i have some arguments to that.

well, my point it is- when you go to a doctor-and this time im talking about the gastroentrologist-you would ‘assume’ them you to give best advice right? like about how to fix issues with gut and so on

first thing i was told-eat less fats, at all costs, less fats the better. and you normally follow doctor’s instructions right?

well, i didnt (you can read up the post called ‘Dieting’ to find out why exactly). and now i see that i was not wrong.

all the fat in food is replaced by sugar. so all low/no fat options are full packed with sugar. there is no other way around.

today i bought few journals and i was stunned about how nutritionist is talking, how she eats low fat cottage cheese and dont suggest eating fruit as they contain sugar. world please! open eyes

so, i wish i could trust doctors, but i just dont, i prefer to use my own brain excuse me


One thought on “Nutritionist- person you can trust?

  1. I actually found a really good nutritionist when I started my gluten free journey. But I agree with you about healthcare providers in general. I always say trust your own body. No one knows better than you.

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