Withdraw and cravings


Oh, this is my favourite part!

So, its less than a week, im on no-added-sugar diet. And i can tell about the cravings.

In fair honesty, i can tell, that i was never soft-drink person or somebody who ate excessive amounts of cakes or cookies, but nevertheless.

On one day i was heavily craving fruit juice. Really bad and some hand shaking was included. Juice is okay, right? its like eating fruit, right? Well, by the looks of it, no, not really.

And taking about habits, yesterday in supermarket, i was just found myself looking at some sugar items, but then i just passed them by. Not that i was craving them, but i should say, it was matter of habbit, that also has to be fought.

I could compare this sugar addiction to dumping nasty boyfriend. You kind of care and have some withdraw symptoms. But then you know at the end, this relationship has to end for good. Even if there is some bittersweet sadness involved


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