The movement


In recent years, there is what i would call a new movement of sugar intake reduction started.

On one hand it is great that this issue has been raised and scientific proof has been made public. On the other hand, it is a pity that it has happened so late and so little has been done as yet.

Sugar movement, or so shall i call it, is a very good thing, but why oh why it has been started only now? I just dont understand if some people who knew about this all along-like from governement and food companies-and even if they knew and saw this outrageous things happening in the world and never stopped it.

Ofcourse, it is all about the money, and it is still about the money, isnt it? And it happens all over the world, not only in USA. And for some strange reason it hasnt been only to raise volume in food, replacing the normal stuff with sugar, therefore raising the income by cutting the ingredients that we should consume in the first place. It is also about the ADDICTION.

This is funny thing about the sugar addiction that some of the people has been aware all along. And to my own fault i guess, i had only found this matter to be underlying issue, the missing peace of the puzzle, why i am lacking energy, being overweight and many other things.

Many thanks to the great lectures on youtube from Robert Lustig, that was very good, inspiring and made my sugar loaded mind to start to THINK of what is happening really.

But how real is to actually get this under control? How actually real is to get the sugar consumption under control for at least children and adolescents, if not adults?

I am concerned about this matter, since we are , well most of us, addicted to sugar, sometimes even not knowing it, even if we dont eat like cakes and dont drink soft drinks regularly. And how it would be possible for addicted minds to make decisions for themselves, even if we know we are addicted?

Some slight hope for me that we could turn around the super-sugar addiction of the world, but my worry is, of how much death’s and devastation it is going to cause, before it will happen.


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