Shooting the Elephant: Do soft drinks have to be sweet?

The Brand Consultant

What’s the elephant in your room? There most probably is one if you look hard enough (check behind the sofa, it’s normally where they hide).

Or, to put it another way, what assumptions or category rules exist within an industry unquestioned? Why aren’t they being confronted and, if these rules are broken, will they unlock exciting new innovations?

It would appear that, in the soft drinks industry at least, the elephant in the room is sweetness. At the Soft Drinks Industry Conference 2015, the main bulk of the day centred on sugar and the challenge of managing sugar levels in soft drinks whilst still delivering a delicious product. Yet, within every problem, an opportunity. It felt to me that this assumption, that to be tasty a soft drink must be sweet, isn’t necessarily correct. Is the pursuit by big industry players of alternatives to sugar, or reformulating drinks to contain…

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2 thoughts on “Shooting the Elephant: Do soft drinks have to be sweet?

  1. Healthy soft DrinK: 1 liter Mineral Water ½ cup of your favorite frozen unsweetened fruit juice

    Mineral water is better than seltzer. Mineral water is naturalizing occurring in springs whereas seltzer water is stripped of minerals to create fizz. You can deplete your bones of calcium, zinc, magnesium, and other mineral if you consume too much seltzer water.


    1. mineral water is okay, i love it, but i am avoiding any fruit juices, even unswetened, i prefer eating raw fruit since they contain more fiber and all vitamins and minerals right there


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