Really since I remember myself, I have been having eczema and all sort of skin irritation possible. For you who lucklily never experienced eczema attack, i can tell that it is super intollerable skin itchin condition which basically turns you into itchy-scratchy monster.

Once i remember i had eczema all over my back after waking up one morning, it happen to be appeared overnight. It was really excruciating pain to go into shower for quite some time untill skin cleared up. To myself, i always thought it was caused by stress and sweating and there was nothing really i could do about it. At least that was why all the doctors i went to have told me. Just live with it, since it will never go away.

I was just simply prescribe more and more steroid creams, which by all means are no healthy, and had to hope when for example summer comes, i would not be covered in layers of scrached skin.

To all of the honesty, now i have got the eczema again, well its getting closer to summer. It was itching in various places, as it is normally doing. Once i had bad case when it had covered both of my eyelids, when it was painful to open my eyes even. To add, the steroid cream is not allowed to be used on face, but the pain was so bad, i had to neglect this rule. Plus in general this messes up your body processes, and few times doctors have recommended me to come off the cream, which I had tried, but no results there.

To sum up the eczema and sugar interaction, i must say, since i started the no added-sugar diet, my eczema started clearing up with no interaction from me super speed. It had stopped itching and skin has improved significantly.

Since eczema hasnt gone away completely and the fact that i started this diet just short time ago, i cannot yet say about long term effects and if the no-added-sugar diet will prevent my skin outbreaks in the future.

But i can say for a fact that currently I am more than happy and inspired to carry on


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