Dieting is kinda my thing. Something i’ve been doing for oh well, for ages. I think first time i remember thinking about loosing weight was when i was about 13 years old. Ofcourse my mom laught it off, not that i got much of family support there you see.

My best attempt in loosing weight was about 10 years ago, when i was in weight watchers. The idea there was basically eat fruit and veg and for all costs avoid fats. I limited myself to 3 spoonfuls of olive oil added fats per day. And all other food contained no fat (but ofcourse lots of hidden added-sugar, like yogurts, the sort of healthy option).

The result was, i weighted at about 58kilograms at my lightest when i achieved my weight loss for about half a year or so. I felt so light and didnt believe i could be so light.

Downside-still had super cravings, but i tried to eat fruit and vegies, but NEVER felt full, like EVER. And ofcourse, i lost my periods for about half a year as well. Finally i went to my doctor, because i was really concerned about my health.

Now i understand cravings never went away, not because i was short of willpower. Just this diet as such was never able to be successful and i would never be happy with the food i ate. Simply because of all the hidden suggar in the foods that was replacing fats.

It is very odd to look back. I was sort of heath conscious, i was sort of trying to search for the solutions for my weight problems. Because at that time the most important thing was also to look pretty. It just seemed that i didnt find the right answers to my questions about what i was doing wrong up to now.


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