The last few times i went shopping, it was when i had already dichted the added-sugar habbit. And my little heart was broken. At one point i just didnt wanted to walk into the shop. I felt super betrayed, i felt as if super conspiracy of supermarkets and food manufacturers have been done on me.

Yes, i know its all about the profit. It always have been about the profit, isnt it? Just always. There is anti-added-sugar movement starting, but I suppose it just isnt enough. Some of us started to having healthier choices, but now i wish i would have known about sugar when i was a kid. I wish i would have know it was as bad as tabacco and alchohol. But i wasnt informed. Nor was my parents or anyone who I knew at that time.

I just try and try to wrap my head around the fact of this super lie, this super conspiracy and i just cannot. And the funniest part – the guys up-there known about this all along, and now they are trying to protect their bums. Sorry for this.

When i was trying to search internet for no-sugar options and articles, i stumbled as an evidence, across an interesting article. Food company, that started producing no-added-sugar bread, admitted that sugar causes health problems and dementia and that they want for people to be more health conscious. Oh well, that is all good. Its just 10 or more other types of bread from same company had great helpings in sugar in them, to say the least.

So my question, to all food companies out there. To all thouse people who knew about this super-size conspiracy all along, and the question is -why?


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