21st May 1936. Sweet as Sugar.

A Date with History

Today in 1936 The Sugar Industry (Reorganisation) Act created British Sugar, 36 % of which was owned by Government. It had 13 factories.(1)

Silver Spoon the only sugar grown in Britain. Silver Spoon the only sugar grown in Britain from sugar beet which has a high concentration of sucrose.

In the days of Empire we acquired our sugar from cane, but with war came shortages and in 1915 the British Sugar Beet Society was formed to obtain government subsidies which helped develop our native sugar production in the 1920s.

However in the late 20thc over-sugar consumption fostered much publicity that too much might be having an injurious affect on our health, resulting in obesity and Type 2 Diabetes, which prevents the pancreas from producing enough insulin, or the body using it effectively.

Diabetics in effect, can’t get glucose from the blood into their cells. Insulin normally, is the key which unlocks the cells, so if there is not enough…

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