Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies 🍪 (grain-free, high-protein, low-carb, sugar-free, oil-free)


Happy National Cookie Day!! 🍪

grain free almond chocolate chip cookies Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies (made with plantains)

You mean, everyday? 😉 Since I’ve developed a number of healthy cookie recipes, everyday can be a cookie day! Woot.

For chocolate chip cookies, I have so many healthified versions, and today I’m sharing my gluten- and grain- free one that is only ~50 kcal for a pretty decent sized cookie. They are also lower in carbs, higher in protein, and sugar-free.Despite all that, you can’t tell these are grain-free, made with flax seed and protein powder, and have no added butter/fat.

The cookies are so soft and chewy with a slight banana 🍌 taste. My little gerbils (aka human taste-testers haha) loved them!

So bring out that inner cookie monster of yours because you’ll definitely be eating more than one of these healthy yet delicious cookies! 🙂

grain free almond chocolate chip cookies Almond Chocolate Chip Cookies (made with bananas)

For these grain-free…

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How-To: Make (the best!) Mayonnaise at Home (Paleo, Whole30)

The Golden Graham Girl

Homemade Mayonnaise Quick and Easy

Ready for a healthier version of something you likely already have in your fridge?  A creamy, cool condiment gets the makeover treatment.  I’ve culled the web and done a lot of experimenting on your behalf to bring you The Best Homemade Mayonnaise (Ever).  I didn’t just make this up on my own, but I will share the unique combination of ingredients and technique I used for the richest, creamiest, most-delicious mayonnaise you have ever tasted, without any of the less-than-desirable ingredients and additives you might find in store-bought stuff.  

Well, hello!  This is a greeting for the faithful few who are still reading this blog despite blatant neglect, and for any new readers!  In fact, when I finally signed into WordPress to fire this blog up (I was pleasantly surprised to see it was still “live”), my statistics about page visits actually showed a SPIKE in visits in the period…

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Hair loss on Paleo


In case any of you were on Paleo for longer than 6 months and experienced some un-explained hair loss that eventually went away, i guess this is article to you. And of course to all the reset of the paleo community.

I am on paleo for about 6 months myself, and for about few weeks i have been experiencing hair loss that is greater than normal.

Regards to this i need to note two things: first – the hair that still are growing and the hair that do fall out are two different qualities of the thread, second- for about 3 months ago i went off pill.

As i am on the way of loosing my 14th kg in following month and not experiencing any other heath issues rather than hair loss, i was bit puzzled. There are different kinds of information about this on the web, so anyone can research themselves. But there are things that i do know:

  • my finger nails are strong and healthy and growing better as they ever did
  • my skin is glowing and eczema is nearly all cleared up
  • hunger is under control and i can myself know how and what to eat instead of overeating unhealthy stuff
  • mood swings are completely gone and i feel more optimistic and laugh more often also
  • mental stability is great, i am focused and can resolve complex issues basically any time of the day
  • stress is under control also, and if it is getting too much, i know how to handle it, instead of loosing the grip and falling all over the place
  • weigh loss without starving, plus cellulite is going also
  • dental health-since paleo starting i didnt have any cavities, not a single one -first time in like 15years!
  • sleep is great, that was also problem for me to stay asleep all night before paleo

What information i did find that appeals to my situation the most is that instead of the weak, dead hair the new stronger hair are growing and pushing them out.

One thing I read a while back was that when people aren’t eating enough protein, their hair basically dies and stops growing. Then when they are eating right again a new hair pushes the old one out. So they think that the food they are currently eating is the cause of the hair loss, when actually it was the preceeding diet and really their hair is growing again now.

This was quote from and it could much appeal to my situation, since all the hair that do fall out are weak and thin, but ones that are still growing are strong and shiney.

Hope this hair loss would stop in a month or so. But anyways, since hair is not essential for the overall body health, as so is the nails, i guess body just kind of leaves thouse parts behind, and instead clears out all the problems in the gut first. Now its just got to fixing my hair.

Good day to all my paleo friends!

Water and heartrate

Last week i fell ill for about 3 days-first time in about 5 months since i started paleo. But don be too concerned – normally i would fall in autumn/winter time with cold and it would be frequent/common thing.

The thing that surprised me the most was first of course the fact that i got well from really major cold in just about 3 days – it was major just because my bfriend who passed me the bug, got sick before me and is still unwell-cough and such.

There is one other thing that really striked me- the fact how my heartrate went up during my sickenss- i have that funny heartrate app on my phone i use sometimes to track it. At some point it was 80bpm! It never happened to me before, since my normal resting bpm is about 55-62.

Why the heartrate went up since i was resting in bed? WATER WATER WATER!! I just didnt dring enough- to flush out the toxins and to help blood run more smoothly. Just short time after i started consuming extra water/herbal tea, my situation improved- heartrate went down, headache stopped and fewer also improved. That is so strange- how on earth i could have forgotten about this.

I had a bit of a sore thoat of course and i didnt have any apetite, but drinking water shoud have been on top of my list. Maybe my recovery would have been even quicker.

Best wishes my paleo friends and stay well this season!

Toxins in your body or do not trust the chef

Here it goes- cannot trust any chef thouse days. Yes indeed. Last saturday choose the dish that would be compatible to all my paleo food choises. And at a first glance indeed the dish was looking okay with no apparent issues. Problems started some 30 minutes later with very bad bloating and over next 24 hour digestion issues and pain in the stomach.

What i learned from this:

  • do not trust chef, eating out is a challenge, even if gluten is only contained in seasoning for example, which i thought was in my case
  • the longer you are in paleo, the more you will experience digestive issues when consuming problematic products, even if in tiny amounts
  • its not worth beating up yourself if you do make a mistake, just get up and keep walking

have a good Monday!

Paleo compatible probiotic pill

So i realised that even on Paleo, i could use some little boost of probiotics ‘in a jar’ so i started searching though available products at pharmacy.

And this is the conclusion what i got from this: most probiotics (and medication in general) contain one/more of the following:

  • lactose
  • wheat
  • milk protein
  • yeast
  • sugar/ sugar related products

Which kind a defeats the effort of paleo, doenst it?

Luckily, found appropriate probiotics which doesnt contain any unwelcome ingredients, and i am very happy for that